Cheer Bow 


Brown Cheetah Print Bow


Brown Cheetah Print Bow

We offer a wide variety of animal prints in cheetah, zebra and leopard prints.  This is a basic Brown Cheetah Print set off on a black ribbon background.

To order this or any of our large assortment of animal print bows just call or email us and we can find the perfect bow you are looking for in animal print,

Minimum Qty 6

Holographic Cheetah TL Bow


3 inch 3 layer Holographic Cheetah Bow

This bow gives you that wild animal look that is super popular for standing out in the crowd.  You can choose the middle layer Glitter Fabric in any of the colors shown below.

To order email or call us with your quantity and color choice for the middle layer Glitter.

This bow is IN STOCK!!!

Rainbow Cheetah Try Out Bow


Rainbow Cheetah Try Out Bow

A great variation on the Try Out Bow!  Add some color to the basic Try Out bow with this great looking multi colored bow!

No Minimum Qty

Call us to place your order or just go on line to get this great looking bow.


Texas Size 3 Layer Glitter Cheetah


Texas Size 3 Layer Glitter Cheetah Cheer Bow

We start with a 3" Base Ribbon layer then add a 2"1/4 second Base Ribbon layer then top it off with this really sharp looking Snow Leopard top layer.  This is a large bow with a lot of eye appeal.

To order choose:  Base Ribbon color, Second layer Solid Ribbon color, Animal Pint Fabric, Center Wrap Knot, and attachment

Minimum Qty: 6

Cheetah/Glitter Bow



Please call or email us to order this very special bow.   One side is Cheetah Fabric with a Gold Glitter accent and the other side is Glitter Fabric.

We have this available in multiple colors so contact us to meet your team needs.

No Minimum Quantities

3" TLB Texas Size Glitter Cheetah


3" TLB Texas Size Glitter Cheetah| Cheer Bow| Texas Size Bows

This bow features a 1"1/2 Glitter Cheetah fabric on top with a 2"1/4 Sequin fabric fuses to the black Solid ribbon base layer.  This is a large 3" wide triple layer bow that is as striking as it is big.

To Order Choose:  1"1/2 Glitter Cheetah Fabric, 2"1/4 Sequin fabric, Solid ribbon base layer, center wrap color and attachment.

Minimum Qty: 6

2"1/4 Strike Flip Flop


2"1/4 Strike Flip Flop Bow| Cheer Bow|Cheerleading Bows

2"1/4 Gold Strike  Flip Flop bow with Gold Mystic on one tail and loop with a combination of Gold Mystic, Gold Glitter Cheetah and Black Solid ribbon on the other tail and loop. This is an elegant bow that will compliment any uniform or outfit.

To Order:  Call us to create your perfect combination of colors and materials.

No Minimum Qty

2"1/4 Strike Flip Flop Cheer Bow


2"1/4 Strike Flip Flop Cheer Bows

This bow featurers Animal print fabric layered on top of Sequin fabric fused to the Solid ribbon base layer to create this winning cheer bow.

To Order:  Choose top layer Animal fabric, second layer Sequin fabric, base layer Solid ribbon color, center wrap color and attachment

No Minimum Qty

2"1/4 Double Layer Cheer Bow


2"1/4 DBL Cheetah Bow | Cheer Bows

This bow features 2"1/4 Blue Cheetah Fabric fused to a black Solid ribbon base layer.

To Order Choose:  Any Animal Print fabric, Solid ribbon base layer, center wrap color and attachment

Minimum Qty: 6

2"1/4 TLB Cheetah| Cheer Bow


2"1/4 TLB Cheetah Fabric:

7/8 Cheetah Fabric fused to 1"1/2 Zebra fabric fused to 2"1/4 Solid base layer ribbon

To Order Choose:  Cheetah Fabric Color ( or any animal print), Zebra fabric color, base Solid ribbon color, center wrap color and attachment.

Minimum Qty: 6

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