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Assorted Rhinestone Designs Monarch Filagree


Assorted Rhinestone Designs

Can you say Unique-One of a Kind Rhinestone Designs.  Yes we have them and more.  These are just two of the many options we have for unique Rhinestone Designed bows.

Call or email us with your preference or if you already have a design in mind and we can make it happen.

5 Row Rhinestone Bow


Large 5 Row Rhinestone Bow

If you just want to say "Look At Me" then this is the bow that will get you noticed.  We put 5 rows of large Rhinestones on this bow and it really pops.

We have a number of different color choices in this Mystic fabric for you to choose from for your bow.

Call or email us with your specs and we can make this happen.

3 inch Orange Rhinestone Outline Bow


This bow really sparkles with its full outline of rhinestones.  We can do this same design in a number of different color and fabric options.

Please call or email us with your specific needs and we can design the perfect one for your needs.






Scorpion Bow with Strike Rhinestones


Scorpion Strike Rhinestone Bow

Special fabric design on the left and right of this bow gives you the Scorpion.  We highlighted the unique Mystic fabric with Rhinestones running along side the fabric.

You can order this special bow by calling the number listed on this website or emailing us with your quantity.

This bow requires a minimum order of 6 pieces.

Scorpion Bow with Rhinestones


Scorpion Bow with Rhinestones

This bow has a unique strike design and the rhinestones just help to set if off even more.

You can order this special bow by calling or emailing us with your quantity.


Minimum quantity of 6 required

Scattered Rhinestone/Black Mystic


Scattered Rhinestone on Black Mystic

This bow has a combination of 3 different rhinestone sizes in a unique random pattern.  The black mystic fabric is a perfect background to highlight the rhinestones.

To order just email or call us to give us your quantity total.

No minimum quantity required.

Strike Bow with Stars - Rhinestones


Strike Bow with Stars - Rhinestones

This bow has a lot going on with a fabulous Strike pattern accented with a double star and Rhinestones running down both sides.

Call us or email to tell us your color choices to make your own spectacular creation.  This is a really stunning bow!!

Minimum Quantity of 6 to order

Pig Tail Bows with Rhinestones


Pig Tails Rhinestone Bow in Mystic Fabric

These two bows are done by putting two Mystic Fabric colors on top of a baselayer of solid color ribbon.  We then add the Rhinestones to add that extra sparkle to the bows.

We can do this bow for you in any Mystic color combination.  Call or email us to order your Pig Tails.

Minimum Qty 6

Strike/ Rhinestones Texas Size Bow


Strike /Rhinestone Texas Size Bow

This is a 3" bow that features both Mystic and Glitter Fabric blended together to make this awesome bow. We add Rhinestones to one side of the bow to add even more sparkle.

You can order this custom bow by calling us or emailing us with specific color choices.  Allow two weeks delivery and minimum quantity of 6 per order.


Flip Flop Rhinestone Bow


Flip Flop Rhinestone Bow

This is a 3" bow with 3 colors of Mystic Fabric fused to a White Grosgrain base layer.  We fiinsih of the bow with Rhinestones running down the outside layer of the bow.

Call us or email us to choose the colors that match your team kits.  The turnaround on this bow is 2 weeks or less but we need a minimum of 6 pieces.

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